A birthstone is a stone that correlates with a specific month of the year.

This means that depending on when you are born, a specific birthstone is assigned to you based on the month and the colour that characterises this month.

Wearing your birthstone is said to give you healing powers, and if you want to optimize the healing powers, you should preferably alter the stone each month.

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Here you can see what characterises the different stones:


January – blood red: Creativity, patience, consistency

February – purple: Peace of mind, sincerity, motivation

March – blue: Courage, friendship, clarity

April – clear: Innocence, eternity, strength

May – green: Happiness, success, wisdom

June – light purple: Purity, joy, health

July – deep red: Love, strength, enthusiasm

August – light green: Faith, passion, fidelity

September – deep blue: Wisdom, peace, honesty

October – rose: Hope, creativity, innocence

November – brown: Love, affection, strength

December – blue: Love, success, prosperity