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There is always a reason to party – and lots of parties to look forward to, such as weddings, birthdays, confirmations, graduate parties and the sheer joy of everyday life. Jewellery and parties go hand in hand; party accessories are an indispensable part of your party outfit and the perfect gift for the woman who is the centre of attention.

Everyday life that glitters

Big, conspicuous and flashy jewellery are perfectly suited for parties and celebration, while more simple jewellery usually is more suited for everyday life. Beautiful, timeless and classic jewellery emphasises your look, while it matches all your outfits at the same time. At pilgrim.dk you will find a potpourri of timeless jewellery making every day a party. Let yourself be seduced by our irresistible selection of everyday heroes.

Party gifts and birthday party gift ideas

Birthdays are always a good reason to dress up and bring out your party accessories. Or maybe you even intend to buy jewellery as a present to the birthday girl? When choosing the perfect gift, you will obviously have to buy it with the recipient in mind; which type is she? What does her other jewellery look like? Does she prefer jewellery that stands out, or does she prefer the more classic, simple kind of jewellery? At this site we have made it easy for you to choose the perfect gift, your girlfriend, daughter, mother or sister will enjoy many years to come.

The beautiful jewellery of graduation parties

Students are graduating and all the beautiful jewellery can finally be seen on bare skin after many months hidden behind books. Party jewellery is an essential for your graduation party outfit; party earrings, party bracelets, party necklaces, party ankle bracelets and party rings. Use your party accessories to show off who you really are, and enjoy that the world is your oyster. You can do whatever you like. Party earrings, colourful and flashy necklaces, rings clinging to your fingers; the style is yours alone, and everything is allowed.
A piece of jewellery is also a great gift idea for a graduation party as it lasts forever and always will remind you of a wonderful time with good friends, happy parents and proud grandparents.

Jewellery for wedding parties

Jewellery is an important part of your outfit for a wedding, as the dress will look bare without it. Jewellery is meant to emphasise your personality, meaning that almost everything is allowed. A useful rule of thumb, however, is not to let your jewellery compete, neither internally nor with the dress. Choose one element in your outfit, which gets to have a strong presence and steal the thunder. If the dress itself is colourful, flashy and festive, you should go for more simple jewellery, while you will get a great contrast by choosing a piece of jewellery, for instance a necklace with colourful stones, if your dress is simple and calls for some contradistinction. Embark on our great selection of jewellery for wedding parties.

Jewellery for confirmation parties

Confirmations are the highlight of spring, and jewellery is the perfect confirmation party present. In addition you will need to wear beautiful jewellery yourself when invited to a confirmation. If you are giving a piece of jewellery as a confirmation gift, it is a good idea to choose something classic to make sure that it will be in fashion for many years, and that the confirmand can enjoy it in the years to come. Lots of people want to buy a personalized jewellery gift; perhaps a bracelet or a necklace with a charm or another symbol reminding her of a moment you two have together. We will help you find the perfect confirmation present.

Gifts, jewellery and jewellery gifts

Wedding parties, confirmation parties, summer parties, birthday parties, graduation parties … no matter what kind of party you attend, make sure to remember gifts, jewellery and jewellery gifts. Jewellery lasts forever and can hold more love than a thousand words, in addition to a lot of good memories and great stories about the receiver of the jewellery gift. Make sure to but the right kind of jewellery, within your budget of course.
Be inspired by our gift guide - the jewellery is organised by price, so that you easily can find a perfect, affordable present to someone close to you.

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