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In a New York state of mind - Josephine Skriver

Pilgrim presents their Autumn | Winter 2017 campaign video featuring the flattering and cool top model Josephine Skriver. Josephine has become the face of Pilgrim, and she continues to underscore the core values of the brand: ‘Embrace life and all its dynamics’.

The campaign video is shoot in New York where Josephine Skriver lives, and the combination of her calmness and the fast pace of the city is the perfect setting for what the Autumn | Winter 2017 collection is all about: ‘Progress in Nature’ and ‘Urban Coolness’.

Josephine captivates from first glance, and, among others, she shares her thoughts on what perfect happiness is, how she would like to be Queen B for a day and what her most treasured possession is.

So hit play and discover even more facets of already mesmerizing Josephine, as she reveals heartening facts about herself.