Make a lasting impression with our Transitional Troopers:
    Spectacular statement-makers perfect for the ‘new year, new me’-version of yourself.

    Designed to add a touch of utilitarian aesthetics and happy vibes, the Transitional Troopers are all we’re dreaming of at the moment, and they are your go-to pieces, if you’re looking for head turning details to elevate your look.

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    • Technical details paired with sculptural silhouettes

      The Transitional Troopers capture the essence of the trends right now. All pieces are inspired by enlarged designs, cool decorative elements and technical details, giving them statement status while also catering for simple looks based on sculptural silhouettes with maximized focus.

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      The big trend right now and for seasons to come is a major focus on jewellery belonging to the category of ‘the bigger the better’. You might wonder how to style them? Let’s be honest, it is totally up to you, but we suggest one of the following: simple and sophisticated or the more the merrier.

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    • HOW TO?

      Simple and sophisticated: Wear only one piece of statement jewellery and let the rest of your look centre around this piece, letting your signature style take centerstage with one of the Transitional Troopers.

      The more the merrier: Bedazzle yourself with multiple statement pieces and let the ‘more is more’ adage guide you to the perfect statement look. It’s time to put yourself in the spotlight and the Transitional Troopers are your fast track to exactly that.

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