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50% off 2. item

It has never been more fun shopping for jewellery. On this page, you’ll find jewellery, where you can buy two items and get a 50% discount on the item at lowest price. In other words, you can get the item for just half its price. All jewellery in this category is, as is the case with all Pilgrim jewellery in general of course, nickel-free and designed with the recipient in mind, full of both heart and soul. You’ll find a wide range of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.



50% discount on earrings

No matter which kind of jewellery you are after, you can get a 50% discount on a new pair of earrings if they are the lowest price of the two items you choose. With our ‘Buy 2 items and get one ½ off’ offer, you save half the price on your less expensive item. That means that you can get a pair of earrings for half price, so take an extra look on this page to see if there’s a pair of earrings you can’t live without.

50% discount on bracelets

There’s nothing to spruce up your outfit like one, or several, sophisticated bracelets – the delicate and simple kind, or a more voluminous and distinctive one. Splurge and buy an extra bracelet, seeing as you’re already shopping. Remember that you save 50% on your lower-priced item, so consider it an economical way to update your jewellery box.

50% discount on necklaces

There’s always room in the jewellery box for an extra necklace, and if you’re using our offer of a 50% discount on your second item, you can acquire two necklaces at an amazing price. Use them both yourself or give one of them to someone you care about. It evokes happiness to give gifts, and with Pilgrim’s great offer, you have every opportunity to please yourself and a loved one.

50% off rings

A single ring is elegant on a tanned hand, but simple and delicate rings in their multitude are beautiful as well. Use our great offer of a 50% discount on your second item to adorn yourself with pretty rings from Pilgrim.

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