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The journey starts now! Be inspired by Pilgrim's beautiful, aesthetic and expressive jewellery. Handcrafted feel, chunky shapes and trendy must-have pieces for your personal style. Find your new favourites online today.

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Earrings and ear studs

Earrings are a must - you can never have too many. That is why we have collected all of Pilgrim's earrings on this page. Everything from simple and timeless styles to bohemian-like earrings with lots of playful details – and, of course, everything in between. Empower your look and cultivate your individuality - choose the earrings that fit you perfectly, or treat someone you care about to a personalised gift. All Pilgrim's earrings are handmade and designed in Denmark. They are plated with real silver, gold, or rose gold – and they are, of course, lead and nickel free.

Pilgrim earrings in all shapes and sizes

New adventures await around every corner - seize the opportunity and play with your charisma and personal look. Pilgrim's earrings are available in all shapes and sizes, with pearls and stones, plated with silver or gold, long or round - the possibilities are endless. Small, classic earrings and chain earrings for your everyday outfit or big, chunky hoops to create a statement. Long glam earrings for the party or trendy huggie hoops and ear cuffs for a personal ear-curated look. At Pilgrim, you will not only find many different designs - you will also find many different types of earrings that you can mix and match exactly as you wish. Trust your intuition!


Hoops - or creoles as they are also called - are characterised by the round shape that has made them an all-time classic. The material and amount of detail varies, but with a pair of hoops, you are guaranteed a favourite item, and you can always find a pair of Pilgrim earrings in round shapes to suit every occasion.

Our creoles come in a myriad of sizes - from small huggie hoops that sit close to the ear to very large maxi-hoops that create an eye-catching look. Many of the earrings will have an easy-to-use click lock, but if you prefer a set of hoops with ear studs, we also have a large selection of half hoops and semi hoops. Chunky or slim, simple or twisted, with or without pendants - the options are countless, and you are guaranteed to find a pair of Pilgrim earrings hoops to suit your taste.

Pilgrim ear studs

Ear studs are simple - but don't get fooled by their size. They can have a great eye-catching effect. Whether you are into pearls or crystals, a classic look or a trendy style, you will not go wrong with our ear studs. They sit very close to the lobe and provide a feminine look for any occasion. Let them shine on their own for your everyday looks, or style them with a pair of hoops, ear cuffs, or several studs up along the ear in a personalised ear-curated look.

Pilgrim chain earrings

Chain earrings from Pilgrim play with contrasts. The minimalist and airy chain design is completed by a piece that can express your personality with pearls, crystals or organic shapes in a playful design. You decide for yourself how much edginess your chain earring look should have. Style your Pilgrim chain earrings with several simple chains for a feminine and elegant touch, or go all-in to mix and match with some of your other favourite items to create your own unique personal look.

Dangly and drop earrings

Discover your playful side with a pair of dangly earrings. These Pilgrim earrings have pendants in different lengths. Some fall close to the earlobe, whilst others are long and have a wealth of details. The pendant of the earrings often gives an eye-catching effect, whether it is with pearl details, wavy and organic shapes, or irregular structures and surfaces. Wear them on their own, or cultivate an on-point look and combine them with several powerful accessories. Take a look at our range of necklaces and bracelets, for example.

Pilgrim earrings in silver, gold and rose gold

Perhaps you love silver? Maybe you are more into Pilgrim earrings in gold? Or maybe you are brave and want to combine them? Pilgrim's earrings are available as both silver-plated, gold-plated and rose gold-plated. You can get Pilgrim earrings with stones, Pilgrim earrings with pearls or crystals, minimalist earrings and extravagant earrings with playful and creative pendants.

At Pilgrim, we have it all, so you just need to find your favourite - and if you can't choose, you can simply decide to buy several. You can mix and match all of Pilgrim's earrings as you like. Let life be an adventure, be creative and feel the love - whatever it takes to create your own personal look.

Find your favourite Pilgrim earrings online

At Pilgrim, our passion is to make jewellery. Inspired by nature, adventure, hopes, dreams, love and much more, we design jewellery that gives you space to find your own personal look. With us, there are no rules. You can wear all of our jewellery to match your unique personal style.

Once you have found your new must-have Pilgrim earrings online, you can have them delivered directly to your door. If you spend more than DKK 300, the delivery is even free of charge. So why not add a stylish necklace or a bracelet to go with your earrings? If you have any questions about Pilgrim's earrings, or something completely different, you are always more than welcome to contact our Customer Service Team. You can also visit one of our inspiring shops or retailers located around the country. You can find your nearest store here.