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Necklaces are a definite must-have! The right necklace can elevate an entire look – regardless if you are looking to upgrade or downgrade, a necklace can underscore or emphasise the exact look you are striving for. So take a look and find your favourites – whether you are looking for a statement or more simple necklaces, we got it! All our necklaces are handmade and designed in Denmark, plated with real gold, silver, rose gold or hematite and nickel-free.  

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Find a big selection of handmade necklaces here

Jewellery in all its forms and shapes is every woman’s best friend. Jewellery can easily put the final touch to an outfit and on top of that, they are also always pretty to look at. However, sometimes it can be challenging to find the right jewellery, which also is made of good materials from high standards. At Pilgrim, jewellery is our big passion and we believe that jewellery is about heart and soul. Therefore, we make an honor out of creating beautiful quality jewellery for you. Here, you are guaranteed top quality and a piece of jewellery made of passion, when you shop at Pilgrim. Here on the site we have collected a big assortment of necklaces for women.

Create your own personal look

Here on the site we have a big collection of necklace designs for women. Our collection of necklaces is extremely wide, so we believe it is highly possible for you to find a necklace that will fit your personal style. Our assortment of necklaces for women offers anything from classic necklaces with silver chain, gold chain and rose gold chain, to necklaces with pearls, stones and crystals. We offer something for every taste, and therefore, it never gets boring to shop Pilgrim design necklaces. No matter what necklace you fall for, you are guaranteed our high quality. Our necklaces can easily be put together with our other collections of jewellery. While shopping Pilgrim necklaces you can also look at our assortment of bracelets and earrings. Among our selection of bracelets and earrings you can easily find jewellery that will fit your necklace. With our wide selection, the options are plenty. If you want to stay updated on news and new initiatives, you are more than welcome to join Club Pilgrim.

Jewellery made with heart and soul

At Pilgrim, we make jewellery with heart and soul. Our great passion is jewellery, and we endlessly strive to make jewellery in the best authentic way. When ordering jewellery at Pilgrim, we offer delivery right to your door, and we offer free shipping when buying for more than EUR 40. If you have any questions to one or more of our jewellery, you are always welcome to contact our customer service. Order your necklace today and enjoy the many styling options that a necklace gives. 


How long is a regular necklace?

For women, a regular length is about 40–50 cm. If you want a longer necklace, 60 cm may be a good choice for you.

How long should a necklace be?

It depends what you like. A necklace that’s 50 cm long will typically sit in the middle of a woman’s collarbones.

How should I clean necklaces?

You can clean your necklaces using a soft cloth, and add washing-up liquid if required. This could be a polishing cloth or a clean dishcloth.