Product care


Many factors influence the durability of your jewellery, and taking good care of  it is important. The jewellery can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth. It is particularly important to do this if the jewellery has been in contact with sweat, chlorine, perfume or hairspray, as these factors, as well as the consumption of alcohol and medicines, body imbalance, stress, air pollution etc. can provoke a chemical reaction in the metal, which can be seen in the form of rapid oxidation.

Crystals and leather cannot tolerate any form of chemicals. We recommend that you clean it after use if it has been in contact with chlorine, perfume, hairspray or sweat. 


All gold and silver will eventually oxidise, and because Pilgrim jewellery are plated with genuine gold and silver, they too will oxidise over time, i.e. become darker on the surface, which  shows up sometimes as spots, sometimes as a general darkening of the colour.

To avoid rapid oxidation it is important not to  keep your jewellery in the bathroom due to  humidity levels. Moreover, we recommend that you do not sleep, shower/bathe or participate in sport while wearing the jewellery.

Please note that the oxidation may  discolour your skin. If you experience a change in the above factors, the  discoloration is likely to disappear. As a result, you can often wear the jewellery at a later time, without  discoloration.