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Be the sunshine! Get inspired by Pilgrim sunglasses online. Lots of good vibes, classy energy and expressive designs for your personalised look! Check out our styles and find your favourite accessory today.

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Pilgrim sunglasses

Sunglasses are the essential accessory for those who want to create their very own look whilst at the same time protecting their eyes from the bright rays of the sun. At Pilgrim, we love expressive and personal accessories. That's why we have gathered all of our Pilgrim sunglasses for women in one place - so you can easily find your new favourites for your summer look. You will find everything from timeless classics - like the cat-eye sunglasses and oversized frames - in trendy colours and, of course, a whole lot in between. Find your new favourite Pilgrim sunglasses here - let the summer begin!

A pair of Pilgrim sunglasses is a must-have for both male and female summer outfits. They exude lots of personality, and you can choose the model that best emphasises the look you prefer. Maybe you're all about a pair of high-fashion design, a pair of cool, retro sunglasses, or maybe you're more into a pair of unique square sunglasses for women?

No matter what gorgeous design you choose, you get them at an affordable price and, of course, with the same passion for detail that you find in all of our jewellery. All our sunglasses for women have UVA/UVB protection, are CE approved, and all lenses have UV400 protection - so you can calmly head out into the sun and be sure that your eyes are protected from harmful rays.

Pilgrim sunglasses for your own personal look

Of course, sunglasses serve a practical purpose, but that does not mean you have to compromise on design. With Pilgrim sunglasses, you get a pair of sunglasses that both protect your eyes and are also a trendy fashion piece - let your personality shine!

The sunglasses are also the perfect accessory to match your favourite jewellery. Why not style your earrings with your favourite rings and bracelets - sunglasses are the perfect accessory to complete your personal look. Wear your Pilgrim sunglasses with your ultra-cool fashionista outfit, or explore a casual summer style.

You can also give your look even more personality by choosing a special colour for your Pilgrim sunglasses. Black sunglasses are always a classic, and they pair perfectly with all outfits. If you have the courage to try something different and make your look even more personal, you can choose a pair of sunglasses in a different colour - for example, brown or tortoiseshell. If you do not want to throw yourself into overly colourful sunglasses for women, you can also choose a pair of classy cat-eye sunglasses with extravagant details - perhaps with silver-plated or gold-plated features?

Pilgrim sunglasses that suit you

Pilgrim sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes: large and small, round and square, black and colourful. The possibilities are endless – it is simply up to you to find your favourite.

There are many opinions about which sunglasses for women are best suited for different face types. But at Pilgrim, we believe that the most important thing is that you love wearing your new Pilgrim sunglasses. The rule is that there are no rules. Do you think a pair of cat-eye sunglasses highlights your best features, or do you love oversized, square sunglasses?

Maybe you're into a pair of small sunglasses with a classic look or a pair of retro sunglasses for your best vintage look? Let your Pilgrim sunglasses help empower your style and create exactly the look you want on the beach, in the city, on holiday, or at home on the terrace.

Buy your must-have sunglasses online at Pilgrim

At Pilgrim, we live and breathe to make jewellery and accessories for you and your look. They are unique and authentic, and they can be mixed and matched just as you like. When you order your Pilgrim sunglasses for women online, you get them delivered directly to your door. If you spend more than DKK 300, the delivery is even free of charge. We also know how important it is to find the right women's sunglasses for your style. Therefore, you are always welcome to contact our Customer Service Team if you have any questions about our pieces.

If you prefer to try on the glasses before you buy them, you can also visit one of our physical stores, which are located in many different places across the country. Here you can also take a look at Pilgrim's other accessories, and you may just find something that goes perfectly with your sunglasses.