We care

At Pilgrim, we have chosen to  focus our support on projects selected for their involvement in charity, and we support these projects through our products.

Our sponsorship work is within the following areas:

Through products

We design a product that we help market and sell, or we design a product specifically for organisations that  sell and market it, in both cases to benefit charity. Currently we are collaborating with Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF) and Project Playground.



>>Shop MSF Jewellery 

>>Shop Project Playground Jewellery


Through financial support

We extend financial support to children and  young people, sport and culture in the local area of Skanderborg, Denmark, where the Pilgrim head office is located. Other than that, Pilgrim does not provide financial support - only support via products. 

Through donations

We donate products to events that support charitable  causes.

Pilgrim does not  offer support to individuals – we only support recurring events or established associations able to prove that the funds are sent to charity.