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Product information

Pilgrim Jewellery

Chemical limitation

Pilgrim jewellery must be produced according to
EU and Danish laws. Therefore no Pilgrim product will contain heavy metals such as nickel or lead.
For each season, the Pilgrim QC team randomly pick up samples from production for a third party testing.


Drop test: all jewellery with stones or loose parts must pass a drop test from 1 m on hard wood without breaking.
Wearing test: jewellery will be durable in plating after a 2 weeks wearing test.

Anti-tarnish test: all jewellery in silver plating must pass an anti-tarnish test on coating in chemical
liquid with water. Our staff also use electronic tools.

Chemical test: all jewellery is tested for nickel and lead.

Pull test: all necklaces and bracelets must take
a pull test of 3.5 lbs = 1.75 kilos.

Coating test: coating test is done by use of electric currency meter.

The jewellery is tested by hand. See below the standard of our measurements


The base of Pilgrim Jewellery is brass or zinc.

Brass is a comparatively soft material and suitable for jewellery with a smooth surface and detailed design. Also good for adjustable designs.

Zinc allows an easy production process.


Silver/Gold/Rosegold/Brown rosegold. All
our jewellery is plated with either silver or gold.

Hematite is a metal alloy. It has nothing to do
with bloodstone or hematite stone. The name
is related to the colour.

Plating thickness is according to the standard
below. The Pilgrim QC team conduct random
plating thickness tests in each PO.


A strong coating is applied after plating to prevent rapid oxidation. We apply 5 layers of spray coating whereever possible. To test the quality of coating on silver jewellery, an anti-tarnish test is used.
The electricity meter is used in the coating test.  


Soldering is strong and must pass a pull test
of 3.5 lbs (1.75 kgs). Jump rings are soldered,
if possible. If soldering is not possible,
we use brass rings.


Gluing of stones is very strong and we use RBC
type gluing which is also environmentally friendly. Excessive glue and tilting of stones are not
accepted. We will use a drop test to test the
quality of glue-work.

Crystal stones

We use Presiousa crystal stones (grade A) as standard for the jewellery. The foil on the reverse of the
crystals is very important. It gives the sparkling
look. The foil must be made of aluminium.
To ensure quality, the foil must be properly
heated to the crystals.  


Beads of plastic, acrylic or resin used for Pilgrim items are made by injection and are coloured throughout the bead and therefore not only surface coated.


Rostone is made of crushed limestone mixed with dye and resin to give it a nice firm, smooth surface. That means that the stone is partly natural stone, partly artificially made. The pattern and colour may vary, just like pure natural stones. The colour is dyed throughout the stone and cannot rub off.

Precious stones

The stones are a natural stone and come in many colours and shapes. Examples of names of stones: grey agate, rose quartz, red adventure, pink jade, amazonite, lapis, jade, howlite, amethyst, onyx,
turquoise, malachite, etc. We also have some semi-precious stones that are dyed based on
natural stones.


Enamel is hand painted, and small variations can occur.


We use 3-4 lycra elastic strings in every bracelet.
The knot is strong, and must pass the pull test.

Ear studs

Posts are made of surgical steel. We ensure that the end is round and smooth. The valid (or visible) length of each post is 9.5 mm (tolerance + -0.2 mm). 2 in 1 earring post length is 10.5 mm (tolerance + -0.2 mm).

Fish hook earring

The fish hook is made of brass; the part of the
hook that goes through the ear has a thickness
of 0. 8 mm with a tolerance of +/- 0.05mm.
The ends of fish hooks are round and smooth.
A small semi transparent rubber tube is attached
to the fish hook to fasten it to the display card.


QC team check that all jewellery is packed to avoid damage during transport.

Pilgrim Sunglasses

Pilgrim sunglasses are manufactured according to high quality standards. The sunglasses fulfil all applicable
requirements for lenses and UV400 protection in the EU and the US.


  • All lenses are polarised
  • Light usually scatters in all directions. This creates an annoying and sometimes dangerous intensity of reflected light, which causes glare and reduces visibility. Polarised lenses contain a special filter that blocks this type of intense reflected light, which ultimately reduces glare.
  • The lenses eliminate 100% of all UV rays. The lenses come in 3 categories. Category 1 has the lightest lenses, and category 3 has the darkest.
  • Some of the lenses have graded colour, meaning they are dark at the top and grades into a lighter colour at the bottom.
  • Some lenses have mirror effect.
  • All lenses are UV400 protected.
  • All lenses are approved by European standard ENISO12312-1:2013


Our frames are produced in 3 different materials:

  • Acetate (ACT), which is a sort of plastic. Acetate is a material of high quality due to its durability and because it does not fade over time. When working with Acetate, you cut out the sunglasses from one piece of acetate and polish it to make a smooth finish. Acetate is considered the best material for sunglasses.
  • Polycarbonate TR90 (PC) is also a sort of plastic that, contrary to acetate, is injected into a mould that is shaped like frames. Sometimes, we add a layer of rubber to give the frames a matt and soft look. Using PC is beneficial, as it is both lighter and cheaper to use due to the production method previously referred to as injection.
  • Metal frames are made of stainless steel and brass. Some of the metal frames are plated with real gold or silver.


We use either stop hinges or flex hinges.


The temples come in the same materials as the frames. Some of the sunglasses are made of mixed materials, e.g. ACT frame and metal temples.

The tip is the end of the temple. Our tips are made of either ACT, rubber or Cellulose Propionic, which is a sort of plastic that has a good tension.

Sunglasses made of ACT comes in a hard box.
Sunglasses made of PC and metal comes in a fabric pouch.

Pilgrim Watches

You can find Watches instruction manuals here.

We use mineral glass faces.

Top ring
The top ring is made of stainless steel and brass. It varies in size and shape. Features such as crystal stones, grooves, patterns, satin surface, shiny surface etc. can be added.

The cases are made of stainless steel, brass or PVC.

Case back
The case back is made of stainless steel. It contains item number and Pilgrim logo.

The crown is made of stainless steel. It varies in size and shape. Features such as crystal stones, colour, precious stone etc. can be added.

The hands are made of brass. It varies in shape, style and colours. Some watches come with a second hand.

The index is made of brass. It varies in style in relation to numbers, stones, metal dots, lines or no index at all.

The dial is made of brass. Features such as crystal stones, striped painting, marble metal image, print etc. can be added. We also use a sunray dial, which gives the dial a shiny/shimmery look.

We only use high quality Japanese movements. Most of the watches are powered by either Miyota 2035 ot GL20.

We use long life batteries (2-3 years). In most of our watches, we use battery SR626SW. It weighs 0,4 gram.