Come by any of our stores and have your ears pierced for 14,95 EUR. per piercing. Anyone above the age of 15 must show a Corona Pass.
    Remember an approval from your parents, if you are below the age of 18.
    Of course, we will comply with all requirements regarding hygiene and sanitizing

    We are looking forward to seeing you <3


    Are you dreaming of having your ears pierced? Then we can do it in all of our stores for 14,95 EUR. per piercing.

    Here you are guaranteed professional treatment, quality earrings and correct guidance on how to care for your new piercing to avoid inflammation. For more information about ear piercings, please contact the individual Pilgrim store. That means, if you would like to have your ears pierced in Aarhus, you should contact the Pilgrim store in Bruuns Galleri, Storcenter Nord or Magasin Aarhus.

    We do not make piercings in the ears of children under 6 years. If you are under 18, you must have a signature or show an SMS from your parents.

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  • Which shop’s pierce ears?
    You can get your ears pierced in all our Pilgrim shops in Denmark.
    It’s a drop-in service, meaning that you do not have to book an appointment in advance. However, in extra busy time periods, our staff can ask you to come back at a later point.

    How old do you have to be to get a piercing?
    You must be at least 6 years old, and until you turn 18 you must bring a written permission from your parents

    ♡ Which earrings are used for piercings?
    We have a selection of earrings specifically for the purpose, which are packed in sterile packages to avoid infection.

    ♡ Which part of the ear do we pierce?
    You can get your ears pierced in the entire
    ear lobe and in the cartilage on the outer rim of the ear.

  • Why have your ears pierced?

    There are many good reasons to get your ears pierced - it looks incredibly elegant with a pair of beautiful earrings. There are multiple different earrings to choose from, ranging from the classic and elegant to big statement earrings. Which ones you choose are entirely up to you and your individual style.

    Right now, the trend is to have 2 (or more) piercings in the ears (whether it's 2 piercings in one ear or 2 piercings in each ear - depending on what you prefer). This way there is an even greater opportunity to mix and match different styles and metals. You can find inspiration and explore beautiful earrings that are affordable on our site. 

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    ♡ The ear studs that are pierced in the ear are made of surgical steel.

    ♡ The ear studs are sterilely packed and used shortly after opening the package, then discarded.

    ♡ The ear and the piercing gun are sanitized before the piercing is made.

    ♡ Staff will also sanitize their hands before touching the piercing gun and the ear.


    ♡ Avoid fiddling with the earpiece.

    ♡ Look at the ear stud daily and preferably clean daily with chlorhexidine or salt water.

    ♡ Be patient with the healing time - some need more time than recommended time (6 to 12 weeks).

    ♡ A piercing can always grow together, even some time after the healing period. To avoid this, you can benefit from always wearing an earring and never have an empty piercing.

    ♡ Should any problems arise with your new piercing, contact the Pilgrim store that made it - here they will be able to advise and guide you.

    ♡ In addition, we also refer to the handed-out folder that you are offered when having a piercing made. Here you can also find advice and guidance for your new piercing.

    You can find the folder here