Sonnenbrillen schützen Ihre Augen vor der Sonne, aber sie dienen auch einem anderen, fast ebenso wichtigen Zweck: Sie definieren Ihren gesamten Look. Probieren Sie Sonnenbrillen in verschiedenen Formen und Farben an, damit Sie den Unterschied selbst sehen.

    Bevorzugen Sie einen minimalistischen Look mit einem sicheren Touch oder fühlen Sie sich mit einer Statement Sonnenbrille wohler, die sowohl Ihre Augen als auch Ihren Sinn für Mode schützt?

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  • Trends to know

  • Recycled sunglasses

    In our new sustainable sunglass collection, each pair of
    sunglasses is made from minimum 75% recycled plastic from the ocean equivalent to 2.5 plastic bottles pr. pair (about 45 g. of recycled plastic).

    To solve the problem of plastic waste in the ocean, professionals
    have developed a process of recycling primarily plastic bottles into a material
    called RPET, which can be used for e.g. sunglass frames.

    This season, we proudly introduce our first three designs – each
    in two different colours.

    Recycling never looked so good.

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  • The oversize

    With a playful evolution of the frame, the new oversized styles
    strike the balance between the need for essentials and the desire for newness.
    The shapes infuse vintage elegance with soft angular lines to create expressive

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  • The cat-eye

    As an ongoing trend reference, the nostalgic silhouettes of the
    70s eyewear continue to influence new designs. The modernized take on the
    classic cat eye frame exudes a retro charm and fresh spin on modern quirkiness
    with a geometric and angular vibe.

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  • The rectangle

    The exaggerated interpretation of the classic rectangular frame is
    on the sunglass radar this season. Focusing on creating a bold and chunky look,
    the rectangular design with angular tweaks is a creates a cool and head turning

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