Your guide to the perfect gift for every soul

    Jewellery is the perfect and most personal gift you can give to someone you care about – at any occasion; as a birthday gift, a Christmas present, a wedding gift, a graduation gift, a new mum gift, a Mother’s day gift, a Valentine’s day gift or a just because gift. To help you choose the perfect gift, we have gathered a lot of our favourite jewellery in different price ranges in this comprehensive and easily accessible gift guide.

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  • Personal gifts

    Are you looking for the right and personal fashion treat for someone you love?
    What about a simple and minimalist letter pendant with sparkling crystal stones that illustrate the first letter of her first name?
    Or how about a beautiful and delicate star sign necklace or star sign watch? Get help here in our gift guide where you can shop unique and personalized gifts for your girlfriend, mother, sister, girlfriend or colleague.

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  • Birthday gifts

    The perfect birthday gift for her; the woman who has everything, is a piece of jewellery.
    You can never get too much jewellery, and each piece tells a story and makes you think about the person who gave it to you.
    Moreover, jewellery is an accessory able to pep up the wardrobe – not to mention the fact that jewellery trends change all the time, so that keeping up means dressing up in new, hot items. Yes, there is a lot of reasons to buy jewellery for you sweetheart, girlfriend, sister or mother. Check out our latest collection, and buy the perfect gift.

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  • Graduation gifts

    If you are gift shopping for a student, no matter if it is your girlfriend, your child, your grandchild, your sister or your sweetheart, a piece of jewellery is the perfect graduation gift. It is personal and will for always remind her of the wonderful time wearing her student’s cap, listening to groovy music and awaiting the future ahead of her. It will also remind her of you. At Pilgrim we have a wide range of personalized graduation gifts.

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    • Wedding gift ideas

      Jewellery is always a great gift idea as it lasts forever and is a personalized wedding gift. Jewellery tells a tale about your relationship with the bride or emphasise what makes her stand out. Maybe you have experienced something unique together, which will be underlined with a beautiful symbol or a charm.

      Maybe you know that she always has been fond of a special type of stone, design or materials. Or maybe the bride has specific jewellery wishes for her wedding?

      At Pilgrim we will help you on the way, so that you are sure to find the perfect bridal gift. Explore our gift guide and find the perfect gift for the bride to be – fitting to both budget and bride.

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    • Shop by budget

    • Gifts under 30 EUR

      Who says that jewellery has to be expensive? In this category you’ll find all our must-have items for under 30 EUR. If your gift budget isn’t the biggest, and/or you just want to give a small thing with big meaning to someone special, you’ll find it here. We have chosen a selection of beautiful jewellery for you, for instance several earrings from hoops to studs, making sure there is something to suit all tastes and styles. And remember: We have gift boxes as well so that your special gift becomes even more special.

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    • Gifts under 50 EUR

      Everyone has the right to beautiful jewellery. And a Pilgrim you are able to afford it. In this category you can get inspiration to which fabulous styles and items you can get your hands on for under 50 EUR. Explore our beautiful stuff and find the perfect gift for your girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter or grandmother. Or perhaps yourself? We have found lots of great items in a spectacular mix of metals, so you are covered no matter if you covet jewellery in gold, silver, rose gold or hematite. You can also buy beautiful gift boxes to make the gift even more special.

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    • Pilgrim gift card

      Make sure that your gift suits its recipient; buy a gift card for someone you care about. That way, the recipient herself can choose the style, metal and type of jewellery she prefers. A Pilgrim gift card is digital, and you will receive it in your inbox moments after ordering it. Print the gift card and wrap it nicely, or forward it to a lucky woman you know. A digital gift card for Pilgrim jewellery is a thoughtful and useful present, and it is guaranteed to bring joy to the recipient. Please note that the gift card is only for use online and expires after three years.

      Bring joy with Pilgrim gift cards

      It’s easy to order an online gift card from Pilgrim, and it’s equally easy to use it - if you can choose from all the beautiful jewellery, that is… In the enclosed mail, you’ll find instructions on how you - or someone else - can use the digital gift card in our online shop.