It’s important to take care of your jewellery to ensure it stays good-looking for as long as possible. We know you care for your jewels, so here are some quick and easy tips to make them stay eye-catching.

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    All our jewellery is plated with either 24k solid gold or sterling silver. When jewellery is plated, you must protect the surface in order not to accelerate the oxidation process. Oxidation is unavoidable with plated jewellery, but if you keep our precautions in mind, you will prolong the life of the jewellery.

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    Avoiding damp and humid environments is the best way to protect your jewellery and prolong its lifetime. This means you should avoid wearing Pilgrim jewellery while sleeping, showering, cleaning, gardening, or doing sports. You should also avoid direct contact with perfume, make-up, or any other harmful chemicals.

    If your jewellery is exposed to any kind of humidity, we recommend that you clean it with a soft cloth. We also recommend storing your jewellery in a cold, dry place.

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    At Pilgrim, our aim has always been to make pure jewellery, meaning that all products are free from lead and nickel. This means that you can wear all our products without being afraid of allergic reactions due to, e.g. nickel allergy.

    In order to secure the pureness of our products, we have random tests carried out by independent agencies such as SGS or Force. In addition, we demand that all our suppliers guarantee and document that all products they supply to us are free from nickel.

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    All Pilgrim’s sunglasses are designed in Denmark and made in accordance with our high-quality standards. They are the result of careful craftsmanship, which is easily seen in the hand-polished finish and perfect fit. Our sunglasses are made in three different materials in relation to design and size: acetate (handmade), PC or metal.

    All our sunglasses have UV400 protection, are CE-approved and fulfil all requirements for lenses in the EU and the US.

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