Everyone knows it. The fashion industry has an enormous impact on the environment, and that is also why we are very focused on taking responsibility for our actions and work towards a more responsible future. With a proactive approach, we are working on getting sustainability implanted into several areas of our business. This is an ongoing process, and therefore, we address it step by step, collection by collection. The journey is not straightforward, but our ambitions are. Our ambitions go far beyond offering pieces to express yourself. We want to improve ourselves by using better materials and ways of production. That is also why an increasing amount of our products are made from recycled materials.


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    Global Compact
    With a proactive approach, we are working on getting sustainability implanted into several areas of our business, and therefore, we are a member of the UN Global Compact. The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative sharing two missions. The first mission encourages companies to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment, anti-corruption, and take actions advancing societal goals. These principles are divided into ten principles. The second mission encourages companies to take strategic actions to advance broader societal goals, which include the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) emphasising collaboration and innovation. Among these goals, we are focusing on goal no. 12, `Responsible Production and Consumption’, as we believe that working with this goal is where we have the best possibilities to leave greener environmental footprints. As we are committed to work with the two missions of the UN Global Compact, our Code of Conduct is based on its ten principles.

    COP repor
    Our membership of the UN Global Compact commits us to produce an annual `Communication on Progress’ (COP) report communicating our progresses in relation to implementing the ten principles of the UN Global Compact into our business activities.
    Read our most recent COP report here

    Code of Conduct / Code of Ethics
    Our Code of Conduct is based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact to ensure a healthy value system and a principles-based approach to doing business. The standards we require our suppliers to meet are the same we comply ourselves with, and it is therefore important to us that our Code of Conduct is signed by all our suppliers. One of the core goals of our code of conduct is to ensure good working conditions for all employees.


    It’s all in our name. A Pilgrim is a traveller by heart and soul always seeking new adventures with an open and optimistic mind.
    Our sustainability philosophy is therefore: `On a quest for a better, more beautiful tomorrow’
    No beauty shines brighter than love for people and our planet, and in relation to sustainability, no beauty shines brighter than actions. We want to use our commercial platform as leverage to work towards- and pursue a more sustainable production in the jewellery industry from both a social and environmental perspective. We are fully aware that becoming the most sustainable version of ourselves is not a quick fix, but an ongoing labour of love, actions and dedication. It’s a journey where we constantly need to act and evaluate. To trial and error. To think innovative and to carefully measure all our initiatives. On our quest of becoming more sustainable, honesty and transparency are key. We therefore openly share our sustainability commitments, regularly update our sustainability actions and keep innovating on recycled collections. Only love, dedication and actions can make us drive sustainable change for a better and more responsible tomorrow. To us, that is real beauty. Join the Journey.


    To work dedicated with our sustainability philosophy, we have a set of beliefs defining our commitments.

    We actively support everybody to be able to play freely with expression and transcend effortlessly between styles, identities, cultures and sexualities. We support and encourage upward mobility in our organisation and with our suppliers, and we continuously want to use our platform to help others realise their fullest potentials.

    Decent work environments
    We believe that a healthy planet is made up by happy people. When we treat each other well, the kindness will be returned. We know, that by encouraging, rewarding, and learning from each other, our fullest potentials are stimulated.

    Low Impact Production
    We believe that to be able to cherish beauty in the future, we need to find better ways of production. Mining is for instance an inevitable part of the jewellery industry but has large environmental and social consequences. We are therefore careful in our sourcing of materials and we are continuously searching for solutions to leave greener environmental footprints.

    We believe that transparency is a necessity in the transitioning towards a more sustainable future. We are continuously working to become more transparent and we are working on establishing a practice of monitoring, documenting, and sharing the actual impact of our production.


    As part of our sustainability journey, we want to improve ourselves by using better materials. That is why an increasing amount of our products are made from recycled materials, and we are proud to announce that:

    From 2023, more than 60% of all items are made from minimum 75% recycled materials.

    By using minimum 75% recycled materials, it means that it is the core of our products, either brass or zinc, which are recycled. Other parts of the jewellery including freshwater pearls, crystal stones, and other small elements such as clasps are not recycled. Every year, we increase the number of items made from minimum 75% recycled materials and thus moves forward on our quest for a better, more beautiful tomorrow.


    Not only is no less than 60% of our jewellery made from minimum 75% recycled materials. The majority of our sunglass collection is made form minimum 75% recycled plastic- a material also known as RPET, which is plastic bottles from the ocean.


    All our jewellery is packed in recycled bags made from 100% pre-consumed recycled plastic. All our wrapping is made from more responsible materials including:

    - Recycled plastic
    - FSC certified paper
    - Soy or eco-friendly glue
    - Organic or deadstock cotto


    Each season, we design a special piece of jewellery to support Doctors Without Borders (MSF), which is an organisation that provides emergency aid and humanitarian assistance all over the world. For every sold piece of MSF jewellery, we donate EUR 13.50 / DKK 100 directly to MSF. Until now, we have donated more than EUR 2.000.000 / DKK 15.000.000 – helping people in need and providing medical and humanitarian assistance to save lives wherever needed.
    Besides that, we support projects selected for their involvement in charity, and common to them all is that they are causes close to our hearts. We support:

    - DINNødhjælp
    - Make Them Smile Kenya
    - Momentum Trust
    - Save the Children
    - Mødrehjælpen
    - Other projects close to our hearts such as EventyrJul, Børnehjælpsdagen, Blå Kors and Børneulykkesfonden.