• OUR NAME

      It’s all in our name. A Pilgrim is a traveller by heart and soul, always seeking new adventures with an open and optimistic mind. On an everlasting journey, the pilgrim traveller is not only focused on the destination but sees the journey as equally important in reaching the goal. With an honest and authentic approach, a pilgrim is constantly changing and evolving to become the best version of itself, never underestimating the value of the unknown. Join the journey.


      The story of Pilgrim is a story of 40 years of dedication and passion for designing jewellery. It all began in Skanderborg, Denmark, in 1983. The two Danes, Annemette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen, started to follow their passion for designing jewellery. From the very beginning, they were driven by a desire for music and people, and that’s why they created jewellery mainly sold at festivals to start with. Fast forward to today, where Pilgrim has grown from a dream into an international brand recognized worldwide for its signature Scandinavian design of jewellery, watches, and sunglasses. Despite the four-decade long journey evolving into the brand that Pilgrim is today, two things have remained the same since the beginning. Annemette and Thomas’ key missions: One was to make jewellery that makes you feel empowered, while the other was to build a workplace where every employee enjoys coming to work and where respect, responsibility, and trust are values put into practice every day. This was and always will be the foundation of Pilgrim.


      We are proud of being a family-run and operated company. All our products are carefully designed in Denmark by a skillful team of designers with meticulous attention to every little nuance and detail. Our collections are designed to harmonize with your existing jewellery wardrobe, blending classic and timeless with contemporary and on-trend – all made by hand and heart. We are an international brand encouraging and extraordinary every day by providing jewellery for everyone who wants to join our journey and wishes to express themselves. True to where we come from, our designs reflect a well-travelled world of jewellery crossing borders and cultures while remaining true to our Scandinavian heritage.


      Our passion is jewellery, and we take pride in encouraging an extraordinary every day for every soul who wants to join our journey and wear jewellery to express themselves.
      Free from limitations and box-thinking, our universe is a place of freedom, empowering everyone to be exactly who they want to be.