Having the right pieces of jewellery can take you from feeling good about your look to actually feeling like a million bucks. Whether you love it contemporary or classic, prefer a silver or gold look or perhaps even a combination of the two, never be afraid to try something new. Because jewellery lets you accessorize with confidence and express your personality in a way that no other item does.
      Follow our fool-proof guide on how to style your favourite piece of jewellery right here.


      Capture streetstyle attention by testing statement neckwear. It shrieks confidence – especially if you chose bold colours and the-bigger-the-better-proportions. So 1980s, but still so right now. Chose the forever-in-style chain necklace, which is once again having a fashion moment. The extended length chain necklace is a great, more youthful, alternative to the classic grown-up version. Still not feeling the oversized? No worries, play with texture by mixing and matching different chain styles. Layering is the key word, offering versatility which makes all the difference.

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      Find a chain necklace and wear it short for a more classic look or find a longer version, perhaps combining two shorts ones, for a more fashion’y contemporary look.

      Style you single necklaces together. Layering is key, so make sure you combine different lengths and textures. It’s still classic and streamlined, but much younger in expression.


      Statement earrings have long been a dominating trend and current time offers no change. Only difference is that for now it has to be even the bigger, even the better. From extra, extra oversize crystal earrings to shoulder-dusting lengths and even a sculptural take, notice-me-earrings are here to stay.

      Update your collection with tassels, pearls, a mismatchy pair or adorned hoops that can work across both casual and formal. Especially hoops are having a moment, so channel your inner Jenny-from-the-block and try out the hottest contemporary earring trend of right now. That being said don’t neglect your everyday pieces, like the stud earring - but again go for the king-size version, a perfect addition to both workwear and occasion dressing. Nothing screams individuality, like a fabulous pair of oversize earrings.

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      It can’t be to oversize, so don’t be scared to take a dare.
      Make an impact my mismatching your earrings. It shows individuality and courage. Hoops can be more than street, give them a fashion-forward notch by selecting more decorative styles.

      Don’t forget the classic everyday styles, like the stud earrings, dare to go oversize to reboot the style.

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      From slender delicate bracelets to a stack of happily jangling together on your arm, bracelets are a great way to express your mood. They are somehow less obligatory than a necklace or a pair of earrings and they will look great with anything you wear, from a business suit to denim.
      Go for a stacked styling also known as an “arm party”.

      Are you the classic type, pick bangles with the same look and feel, to still keep the look streamlined and clean. Or go in the opposite direction by mixing designs, scales and colours for an expressive, more-is-more, individual look You can even move your bracelet to the upper arm, not just keeping it on the wrist, bringing in the nomadic references proving so popular at the moment.

      Also proving popular is the beaded versions, the more hammered metal kind-of-look, decorative and sculptural design, all giving the jewellery an authentic touch and feel.

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      Go for slender, same-colour bracelets to keep it classic. Or add a luxury feel by mixing silver and gold.

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    • RINGS

      For rings the more, the merrier. Multiple and stacked rings are grouped together and spread across fingers for an opulent look. Combine colorful stones with glitzy metallic or signet rings and plain band pinky rings – the aesthetic might be different but the outcome is the same – a contemporary look and feel. It’s about whatever fun shape takes your fancy, so don’t be afraid to try out something new.