Personalized jewellery is a must-have in all jewellery-wardrobes, and it is the perfect accessory to make your style unique and different from everybody else’s.
      At Pilgrim, we have a wide variety of personalized jewellery for her; both personalized jewellery necklaces and personalized jewellery bracelets. If you are into jewellery design, you should take a look at all our Charms & Chains, Birthstones and Letter tags. These are all pendants that can be attached to either a necklace or a bracelet, and which allow you to be creative, as you have the opportunity to customize your own piece of jewellery.


      Especially our letter tags, that are delicately engraved jewellery, are the perfect personalized jewellery gift for her, where she can wear initial jewellery with letters of her special someone. You can also explore our starsign universe, where you can find both necklaces and watches with precious crystal stones delicately illustrating the different starsigns. Finally, you can discover a world of Fortune necklaces that each carry different meanings. Here, you can find a necklace that symbolizes something special to you and wear it around your neck to amplify the fortune.

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      For a simple look or for your fine, favourite pendants. Pilgrim’s jewellery chains are available in several lengths and different chain types. Find exactly the jewellery chain you’re looking for and decorate it with a fine pendant or layer up by combining with chains in the shorter or longer version. The classic chains fit all Pilgrim pendants.

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      Your zodiac sign decorated with fine little crystal stones on exactly the material you find the most beautiful: Gold, silver and hematite - it does not get more beautiful than this.