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      In this guide you can get an overview of the different sizes Pilgrim jewellery has. Find the perfect neckline length with the help from this guide and see our size guide on rings and bracelets.

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      You can probably relate: The jewellery box is overflowing with necklaces, but you stick to a chosen few that you wear all the time.

      Why is that? Perhaps you use the pendants from your other necklaces on your favourite necklaces? Or maybe you’ve tried to buy new necklaces but not yet found the perfect length? So, how do you find a necklace with a length that is just right?

      This guide is an overview of necklace lengths, which in return will make sure that, from now on, you will only buy necklaces of a length you’re sure, ones you’ll use regularly. At Pilgrim, we carry necklaces in lots of different lengths, from 38 cm (the shortest) to 90 cm (the longest).

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      Adjustable rings fit most people. Instead of being a continuous ring, an adjustable ring is 53 mm with an opening with a small overlap – typically of about 6 mm. That means that you can either ‘squeeze’ the ring together, to make it smaller, or you can ‘pull it apart’, to make it bigger. This way, most people can find an adjustable ring in the right size. At Pilgrim, you’ll find a great selection of beautiful, elegant, minimalistic and embellished adjustable rings. We’ll definitely have at least one style you’ll like — in the right size!

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      At Pilgrim, you’ll find several types of adjustable bracelets. Typically, they’re characterised by a wide and/or asymmetrical opening, where you can easily fit your wrist through and somewhat ‘turn’ the bracelet in place. There’s a great chance that most adjustable bracelets will fit you, as they can be both wider and narrower, and therefore fit most wrists.

      Bracelet, 16.5 cm + 3 cm extension chain

      Bracelets or bangles – whichever name you prefer, Pilgrim carries a great selection of bracelets measuring 16.5 cm with a 3 cm extension chain. A rule of thumb is that the bracelet is the right size when you measure your wrist (remember to measure it relatively tight) and add 2 cm. Use a piece of string to measure, add 2 cm to the result and voila! Here’s the ideal size for your new bracelet.

      If you prefer tight bracelets, you can choose a smaller size than what the rule of thumb advises, or choose a larger size, if you prefer your jewellery to be loose fitting.

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