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On this page, you’ll get a complete overview of all the refined and classic jewellery Pilgrim has to offer. The classic jewellery items are designed in Denmark and beautiful in their own right, as well as in combination with the jewellery you already have at home. While each item has its own characteristics, they have a few things in common, such as a slimness in style and simple, little details. Explore Pilgrim’s big jewellery box on this page and choose your favourite jewellery classics.

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Danish jewellery classics

Classic jewellery is a must in every woman’s jewellery collection. The category Classics covers a wide range of classic jewellery in different timeless shapes and models, from simple earrings in different sizes to simple bracelets, simple necklaces and simple rings. Classics, however, also include sophisticated silver necklaces, gold rings, friendship bracelets and much more. In short: It’s something all women just have to possess.

Traditional Nordic jewellery

The jewellery you choose to wear defines both you and your style, and the possibilities for varying your style and look are endless. At Pilgrim, you’ll find something to suit everyone, no matter if you prefer a downplayed, simple kind of jewellery, like a simple silver necklace, simple earrings or a simple silver or gold ring, or if you prefer the classic Nordic jewellery that attracts a bit more attention. (In a discreet way, obviously.) Everything depends on temper and taste, as does your preferred choice of metal. Do you like gold better than silver, or is rose gold your favourite? At Pilgrim, you’ll find a bit of everything, and it can be yours for a very reasonable price.

Create a personal look with classic jewellery

Perhaps you have a few jewellery items identical to those of your best friend, your mum, your grandma or another woman close to you. Maybe you’ve noticed that those jewellery items look completely different on you than they do on them? That’s probably because we usually wear several pieces of jewellery at a time, and it’s the mix that creates the personality.

Maybe you’re one of those brave and experimental women, while your girlfriend prefers a ‘safer’ and more minimalist style. Or maybe it’s just the opposite? No matter what, there are tons of ways to make your style personal using jewellery – just launch yourself into it. As icing on the cake, you can supplement with modern classics from Pilgrim.

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Remember that the classic jewellery from Pilgrim is nickel-free, designed in Denmark and made by hand. Also, remember that shipping is free when you spend EUR 40 or more in our webshop.