• Golden Goodies

    Do you love gold? We’ve got you.
    Gold is the epitome of exclusivity and great style and at Pilgrim.dk you can pick and choose among our great selection of gold earrings, gold necklaces, gold watches, gold rings and golden jewellery for women in general. Add a golden touch to your look by choosing the perfect gold-plated jewellery from Pilgrim.

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  • Golden essentials

    A necklace is a must in every jewellery collection, and a gold necklace can spiff all kinds of outfits up. At Pilgrim you will find a lot of different gold necklaces in different hues, with or without stones, simple and flashier ones. In short: gold necklaces for any occasion, everyday life, party time, the office and the day off. And if you are going to a birthday or a wedding, a gold necklace can even be an obvious gift idea. There is no such thing as too much gold jewellery, so pamper your beloved one with our golden essentials.

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    • Golden bracelets

      Complete your style with beautiful golden bracelets from Pilgrim. Go for delicate and sophisticated gold bracelets for a subtle look – perhaps several combined in different golden shades for a fantastic play of colours. Or, go all-in and choose the more chunky and voluminous bracelets – also combined – to enhance both your outfit and your personality.

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      • A pretty golden ring

        … or several pretty golden rings. You’ll find everything you wish for in terms of golden rings at Pilgrim. Whether you prefer the simple look or live by the motto more is more, we’ve got you. A golden ring with a conspicuous stone is ideal for a party, optionally supplemented with an elegant cocktail dress, while, for instance, a minimalist and more sparingly designed gold ring suits everything from jeans to a fancy dress. It’s just your imagination, your style and your personality setting the boundaries, so have a look at our great selection of gold rings and choose your favourite.

        PUT A RING ON IT
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        • Golden times

          Give time a new dimension with a beautiful golden watch from Pilgrim. Choose among lots of different looks and styles – do you prefer a gold watch with a minimal design, black clock face and black watch strap, or do you prefer to be a bit more eye-catching, with a golden watch with flowers on it, or maybe a pretty blue or pink watch? We’ve got lots to choose from, so make your choice.

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        • Take care of your gold

          Gold-plated jewellery adds a little extra to your style, and there is nothing as beautiful as when your entire outfit gets a golden glow from your jewellery. If your god jewellery is shiny and has been taken good care of, that is. Weather conditions, soap, lotion and perfume wear out your jewellery, so remember to take good care of them, so that they will be shiny and golden for a long time. Do you know how to take extra good care of your golden goodies?

          CARE GUIDE
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