The arrival of the new season calls for a new spin on your going-out attire so you match the celebratory mood of the season and are ready for endless nights with friends on the dancefloor. From headturning and always-in-the-spotlight jewellery to sparkling items that will have you shine bright like a diamond, these new items are all you need.

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      Going out for drinks with friends? Long sparkling earrings composed of small thin silver chains in different lengths, or chunky crystal hoops combined with layered necklaces in shiny metals make you ready for the seasonal celebrations. Add simple glittering bracelets or stack bangles in organic structures depending on how much you want to sparkle. Regardless of the occasion, glitter can always make a warm and comfy look sparkle.

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    • PEARLS

      Pearl necklaces in organic shapes add a fresh touch to a colder and comfier season. Layer pearl necklaces when going out in the evening and create a fresh look for the seasonal celebrations. Combine them with golden earrings designed in wavy structures to mix contrasts and get into a festive mood. Pearl earrings in asymmetric drops emphasise playful twists and add a casual appeal when going out. Mixing peals with colours or golden metals will light up any cold evening and encourage you to enjoy yourself.

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      Going for simple outfits calls for statement necklaces. Chunky and powerful, these linked chains make bold statements and elevate any outfit. Statement necklaces are eye-catchers, and they can be combined with simple outfits to where they add raw details. Go for a pair of chunky hoops and edgy rings to make statements and unlock the celebratory mood of the evening.

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