Single earrings are a fashion statement that lets you express your style. Whether it's a stud, hoop, or statement piece, wearing more earrings at once speaks volumes. Mix and match for asymmetry, or go bold with multiple statement pieces, creating your own earscape. With endless options in both styling and design, you can effortlessly create a vibe where the stacking of single earrings is all up to you – a form of personal self-expression and a look that is truly yours. And you always get three earrings for the price of two <3

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    Ear stacking is more than a style statement; it's a versatile way to express your individual style and personality. It's all about piling up the earrings in one ear, layering studs, hoops, cuffs and huggies to create a captivating look. Whether you're into a sleek and minimal vibe or you're all about making a bold statement, the possibilities for crafting the perfect ear stack are endless.

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    Stacking huggies is a way of elevating your look. If you're into a minimalistic look, hoops and huggies add versatility to any stack while still keeping it simple. Experiment with styles – try stacking different styles of huggies to create a sophisticated, always-on-trend look. Whatever your style, stacking huggies alongside other earrings brings an extra touch of personality to your ear stack.