A wedding is a celebration of love – and a party for life for the bride and groom. Love is in the air, and the warm feeling stays in both body and mind for a long time after the celebration. That is why it is important to show attention to detail: The jewellery, the wedding presents, and the morning gift. Delve into our wedding universe and take charge of your wedding essentials – from outfit to presents.


    Jewellery is always a great gift idea as it lasts forever and is a personalized wedding gift. Jewellery tells a tale about your relationship with the bride or emphasise what makes her stand out. Maybe you have experienced something unique together, which will be underlined with a beautiful symbol or a charm. Maybe you know that she always has been fond of a special type of stone, design or materials. Or maybe the bride has specific jewellery wishes for her wedding?

    Explore our gift guide and find the perfect gift for the bride to be – fitting to both budget and bride.

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    After an unforgettable day, evening and night it is time for even more pampering in the shape of morning gifts. A great morning gift for your bride and wife is a piece of jewellery, which forever will remind her of the happiest day in her life and your devoted love for her. Jewellery is worth more than a thousand words. Our jewellery is unique Danish design, and our heart is always in its origin.

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    Most brides choose to get married in white, which traditionally symbolises innocence, while others choose a red or a floral dress oozing love, passion and celebration. When choosing jewellery matching the wedding dress, you can either choose something emphasising the look of the dress or making a contrast.

    At a wedding it is important that the jewellery do not remove attention from the dress, which is why it is a good idea to choose classic, simple jewellery if wearing a romantic princess gown, while more edgy jewellery is a great choice for a dress with a more modern look. Remember that the earrings should match the necklace and the rings of your choice. At Pilgrim we have a great selection of classic jewellery – we call them classic – and more modern jewellery, which we call fashion. That way we have made sure to have something just for you – no matter which kind of bride you are. Because you are special and entirely your own.

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