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Straight from Paris Fashion Week ♡


Complete your look with rings in different sizes and shapes! Wear them one by one or mix them for a more refined and raw look. We have rings in a wide variety of styles – from minimalist to statement rings – so take a look and find your favourites. And when it comes to mixing and matching, only the sky is the limit. All our rings are handmade and designed in Denmark, plated with real gold, silver, rosegold or hematite and free from nickel.  



Create a personal look with Pilgrims rings

A ring is the perfect accessory to create a personal look. With a ring, you have plenty of opportunities to create a great outfit, and rings can be styled for both daily use or for example a party. For the same reasons, rings are very popular. At Pilgrim, we love jewellery in general and rings are no exception. Therefore, on this site you will find a big assortment of Pilgrim rings for women. With a Pilgrim ring, you are primarily secured a handmade quality jewellery, which is free from nickel, so that it will not bother you that way. With our wide selection of rings here on the site, you can easily find the exact ring to create your personal look. Look around and find yourself inspired by our many gorgeous rings.


Rings with passion in Danish quality design

Here on the site you will find a big and wide assortment of Pilgrim rings for women. At Pilgrim, we make jewellery with great passion, and our collection of rings is no exception for this. Here, you will find rings in Danish quality design. Anything from silver rings, gold rings, to rings with stones, crystals or pearls. Our great variety of rings make it easy for you to find something that will fit your personal style. No matter what ring you like, you are guaranteed high quality and thereby a jewellery to benefit from in many years to come. While shopping jewellery, you can also take a look at our collection of earrings and necklaces, which goes great along with Pilgrim rings. The opportunities are many, and it never gets boring shopping new jewellery at Pilgrim.


Danish design – hand and heart made

At Pilgrim, jewellery is our big passion, and we work hard for it to come through in our designs, which are made from heart and soul. All of our jewellery are handmade to secure a high quality. If you wish to stay updated on news and new initiatives, then sign up for Club Pilgrim, and if you have any questions about one or more of our rings, or something else for that matter, you are welcome to contact our customer service. When ordering at Pilgrim, you are guaranteed delivery right to your doorstep, and we also offer free shipping when buying for more than EUR 40. Order your ring today and benefit from the great design.

How do I measure my ring size?

You can have your ring size measured by a jeweller. You can also measure it yourself by wrapping a piece of string around your finger twice, marking the end, and measuring it in millimetres. The length corresponds to the size of the inside of the ring, so don’t wrap the string too tight.

What does a ring on your index finger mean?

A ring on your index finger can be interpreted as a mark of great self-confidence or a signal of pride.

What does a ring symbolise?

A ring doesn’t have to have deep meaning – many people wear rings just because they look nice. However, some literature mentions rings as a symbol of eternal fidelity.

How do I find the size of a ring?

Find the size of a ring by measuring the inside of the ring. You might measure a size of 53 mm, for example, which corresponds to size 53. Many people take a size 53 or 55 on their ring finger.

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