Hoops is without a question a must-have in every jewellery wardrobe – they’re simply a forever go-to with a multitude of styling opportunities. From day to night, hoops are the perfect sidekick to any look whether you’re attending a brunch or a night out – so get a pair and they will quickly become your accessory heroes. Get ready to discover a world of hoops and find your favourites among chunky hoops, pearly pieces, or the classics – there are hoops to match any style.

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      The current state of fashion: Chunky hoops. And don’t stop there. Fashion forecasts are all about the hammered and shiny ones too. So, whether you’re touching up your outfit or updating your utilitarian aesthetic, this curation of chunky hoops will give your wardrobe even more attitude. Explore our round-up of the most noteworthy styles.

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      Classic hoops never fail. They are always the safe choice and compliment just about any look. The classics are cool, and yet the perfect finish touch for an understated outfit, meaning they are versatile additionals and forever favourites regardless of the season.

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      Colourful and reinvented shapes, these pearly pieces are vibrant and mood-boosting. A striking mix of bold and fine silhouettes is all you need to stand out. Whether you choose to cherish colours or go with the classic white pearly pieces, these will be your new stylish companions.

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