It goes without saying that a great pair of sunglasses is a wardrobe essential. Particularly, when the sun is out. Embrace the season of sun with a cool pair of sunglasses complementing every outfit from dusk till dawn. Whether you’re into the extravaganza of oversized shapes or can’t quit the classics, you can never have too many pairs. Add character to your look and choose your favourites by frame to express your mood and add the final touch. Your search starts here.

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    With a playful evolution of the frame, the new oversized stylesstrike the balance between the need for essentials and the desire for newness.The shapes infuse vintage elegance with soft angular lines to create expressivelooks. 

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    When the sun shines, so do our needs for uncomplicated pieces that embody an effortless living. Round sunglasses call to the ‘60s and emphasise retro vibes. The rounded shapes capture softer-looking silhouettes perfect for long walks or completing both day and night looks.

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    As an ongoing trend reference, the nostalgic silhouettes of the 70s eyewear continue to influence new designs. The modernized take on theclassic cat eye frame exudes a retro charm and fresh spin on modern quirkinesswith a geometric and angular vibe.

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    The aviators are a timeless trend. They were originally developed to help pilots protecting their eyes and have ever since become one of the most iconic and enduring sunglasses trends. Their metal shiny frames emphasise a effortless look, and whether you chose brown or dark lenses they are always cool!