The latest trend in the jewellery world dedicates to multi-layer necklaces. Layering is in, and everything is allowed. Mix and match metals, styles and chain lengths to discover your own personal look. It’s all about the layers – the more necklaces, the better. Get a glimpse into the world of layering, and make sure that no one got the exact same look as you.

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    Loading on necklaces- the layered trophy jewellery is yet to chase. Tap into the trend of layering jewellery and find your new everyday companions in the new collection. It’s all about combining different lengths for personalising any look.

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    Only recently has it become common to wear silver and gold jewellery at the same time. Luckily, this is now a welcome trend. Mix your metals as you wish, wearing multi-layered necklaces.

    Choose your favourite silver layered necklace and your favourite gold necklace, and remember they don’t have to be the same length. In fact, it’s an advantage if they’re different lengths, as they’ll add a more reckless and modern touch to your look. At Pilgrim, you’ll find silver, gold and rose gold-plated necklaces that are all perfect for layering. You’ll also find hematite necklaces and ones that are already a mix of metals.