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Rose gold jewellery

Jewellery with a rose gold tinted glow

Gold isn’t just gold. There is white gold and red gold – and then there’s the delicate, exclusive rose gold. Rose gold is luxurious and feminine, and at Pilgrim you’ll find a great selection of rose gold accessories – among others rose gold watches, rose gold bracelets, rose gold rings, rose gold earrings and rose gold necklaces. 

Rose gold for all occasions

Rose gold has, as the name suggests, an almost pink glow making jewellery manufactured in this exclusive material both delicate and feminine to watch and wear. Use the rose gold tinted goodies at the office, at the beach and at parties – no matter what you wear, the rose gold jewelry will add an additional touch of femininity to your outfit. At the same time, gold, no matter if it’s white, red or rose tinted, oozes exclusivity, and if you’re tanned, the golden glow will be emphasised even more.

Pilgrim’s rose gold accessories ensure you that you’ll always have something to wear, no matter the occasion. Combine a pair of rose gold earrings with your airy summer dress, and notice the effect. You can also wear rose gold earrings with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, sporting a natural, summery look. Choose between rose gold hoops, rose gold ear studs, rose gold pendant earrings, etc.

Rosa gold essentials

An outfit is rarely complete without a necklace, and why not acquire a rose gold necklace? A rose gold necklace is an eternal classic, which you can combine with lots of different types of outfits and fashion styles. Choose between the very simple and delicate necklaces without any details, or invest in a voluminous statement necklace contributing to your outfit with personality and edginess. At Pilgrim you’ll find several different rose gold necklaces ranging from the simple and classic ones to the bigger and more detailed ones. No matter which style you choose and prefer, the style of your new rose gold accessory make for a definition of your style and your taste. And remember: You don’t have to settle for one necklace – you can never have too many rose gold jewellery, so choose the items you like the best. Maybe one of them will make a great gift for a special woman in your life: your girl friend, your mum, your daughter or your significant other. 

Take good care of your rose gold jewellery

Jewellery is at its most pretty if it’s taken good care of. Remember to be careful with your rose gold items and care for them the way they need to. The sun, the rain and the wind are heavy going on delicate jewellery, and the same goes for soap, lotion and perfume. In order to keep your rose gold jewellery as pretty as possible for as long time as possible, remember to clean them regularly. Watch here how you go about it.

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