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Brooches are back in style! They give you a unique opportunity to beautify your outfit. This is your chance to enhance your look in a cool and personal way. The brooches from Pilgrim are handmade, Danish design and free from nickel.



Find a big selection of brooches here

The brooch is back in fashion and this time it has come to stay. With a brooch you can easily spice up your look and modify it for both everyday use and for at party. A brooch gives many different styling options and therefore, you can just as easy create a unique and personal look. At Pilgrim, we love brooches, and here we have collected a selection of different design brooches to get inspired from.


Brooches in a unique design

Here on this site you will find a selection of Pilgrim brooches. The brooch has throughout the last couple of years, become a central part of the jewellery image yet again. It has won its place with many people with good reason. With a brooch, you can put the final touch on an outfit for both everyday and at a party. Our selection of design brooches is very rethinking in its design compared to the classic brooch. Hereby it is possible to find a brooch that stands out, which at the same time will make you stand out in the crowd. You can find silver brooches and gold brooches, and we will bet you can find something to match your style. While looking for brooches, you can also take a look at our selection of rings and earrings. With our selection of brooches her on the site, the options are plenty. No matter what you choose, you are always guaranteed a handcrafted piece of jewellery from high quality, which you can benefit from in years to come.


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At Pilgrim, we want to share our passion for gorgeous jewellery with you. Therefore, we put our heart and soul in our different collections of jewellery. If you want to stay updated on news and offers, then you can become a part of our jewellery universe through Club Pilgrim. When ordering a brooch here on the site, we offer delivery right to your doorstep, and we offer free shipping when you order for more than EUR 40. You can read more about our terms and conditions here. If you want to visit some of our stores for advice and guidance, then you can find your nearest Pilgrim store here. Order your new brooch today and raise your style in a personal way.

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