We try to think about the whole green, circular transition from an overarching perspective, where we can address areas one by one and implement better, greener solutions that will move us in a more sustainable direction. We are certainly not perfect and we know there is a long way to go, but we also want to be clear that we are ready to make an effort.


      Recycling never looked so good!
      Introducing our newest recycled collection Blossom inspired by decorate link designs, embossed surfaces and sparkling crystal stones. Say hello to Blossom.

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      It is with great pride that we can present our first recycled collection, consisting of 10 beautiful pieces that are handmade using at least 75% recycled material.

      LEAF by Pilgrim sits comfortably in our familiar Scandinavian world of jewellery, and it is for all those who want to move towards a greener future. The jewellery is available in both gold and silver plate.

      The collection is a step on the path to becoming a greener fashion brand. A path we are taking step by step, collection by collection.


      Made from at least 75% recycled material.

      What is recycled?
      The core of our products – i.e. the majority of the final piece – is recycled. It is made of either zinc or brass.

      What is not recycled?
      Small parts such as clasps, beads and stones are not recycled.

      In some cases, the gold or silver plating is recycled, but this is not always the case.

    • How can we be sure that at least 75% of the material has been recycled?

      All products are tested twice using external tests:

      1. TEST:
      Test of the materials used by the factory

      2. TEST:
      Test of the finished products

      All products receive a certificate stating the specific percentage of recycled materials they contain.

    • What does ‘minimum’ 75% mean?

      We use 75% as the lowest common denominator for our products made from recycled material. We do this even though some of our pieces contain up to 95% recycled material. For example, rings are typically made from almost 100% recycled material, whereas earrings or necklaces with pendants or stones and beads usually have a slightly lower percentage of recycled material. However, common to ALL products made from recycled material is that at least 75% of the material used has been recycled.

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      At Pilgrim, we are proactively working towards sustainability and making our business and production greener. We are very aware of the inherent tension between the fashion industry as it is now – which is largely based on consumption – and the concept of sustainability. That's why we're focused on becoming the most responsible version of ourselves – a process we are approaching step by step, collection by collection.

      We're very focused on taking responsibility for our actions, which is why we're committed to making better choices across the business to minimise our social and environmental impact – all to offer a greener alternative to traditional jewellery production.

      From using recycled materials in our jewellery to ditching the bubble wrap, we're constantly implementing green initiatives.

      Read more about our initiatives below.

    • production

      We have close and long-term relationships with seven local suppliers in China. We believe that close, long-term relationships built on trust and mutual respect will help us work together for a greener Pilgrim.

      All suppliers must sign our Code of Conduct, which is based on the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, ensuring ethical and fair partnerships with our suppliers.

      Since 2020, all suppliers have also been asked to work to the following guidelines (and the majority have been meeting them):

      ♡ Recycle all jewellery moulds by melting and reshaping them after use

      ♡ Reuse all water from the production process for other industrial purposes

      ♡ Use solar-powered energy in factories


      In the autumn of 2021, we launched our first recycled collection made from at least 75% recycled zinc and brass – materials that form the core of all our products. From here, we will use annual targets on our path to becoming a greener fashion brand at the product level:

      By 2022, 10% of all collections will be made from at least 75% recycled material

      By 2023, 30% of all collections will be made from at least 75% recycled material

      By 2024, 60% of all collections will be made from at least 75% recycled material

      In addition to using recycled material in our products, we have always focused on producing clean products. In other words,
      we only use pure materials that are both lead-free and nickel free. 

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      In 2020, we stopped using bubble wrap to pack our products and from the autumn of 2021, we will replace our traditional plastic polyethylene bags with ones made from 100% recycled plastic (GRS Global Recycle Standard Certified).


      All our wrapping and packaging material is FSC-certified, environmentally friendly and made from green materials:

      ♡ Plastic free
      ♡ FCS-certified paper
      ♡ Eco-friendly ink and lacquer
      ♡ Non-toxic and eco-friendly glue
      ♡ Organic ribbon and cotton

      On our online shop, we always ask whether wrapping is required. If not, we send the products with as little extra packaging as possible.

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